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How Tree Diseases Are Commonly Spread

By December 18, 2013

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Most tree diseases are transmitted using a soil/root avenue or through a wind/insect avenue. There are a few diseases that can travel using either of these methods.

Insects and wind can carry many tree diseases from tree to tree (air-borne) if the condition of the tree provides a comfortable home for the pathogen. Soil-borne organisms can move diseases (sometimes called pathogens) through the soil via water, are then taken up by tree roots and can be spread by root grafts to other trees.

To prevent and control these diseases, you must first identify the disease, then take measures to limit or remove the elements that provide disease transmission. Treating a tree directly for an embedded pathogen should be used as your last effective effort.

American Chestnut Blight, USFS/FIDL Photo


December 24, 2013 at 2:32 pm
(1) Joe Gorman says:

I live on the east coast and i hike when ever i get a change ..Sometimes i come across these Magnificent hemlock groves and a lot of the more mature ones are either dead are dying from the Wooly Adelgid .My question is once they completely kill a grove do the adelgid die off or sit dormant . I hope we don’t loss these trees like we have the chestnut trees.The eastern forest will not be same if they do. To young to remember the chestnut trees But will never forget these great Hemlocks. Although i did come across some chestnut trees ,dropping chestnuts.I will wait for a response THANK YOU

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