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How to Find a Forestry Job
From your Forestry Guide

You need to be working on a degree in forestry. But what do you do then?

Difficulty Level: Average    Time Required: 1 year

Here's How:
  1. First, be working on a bachelor's or technical degree in forestry.
  2. Decide in what area of forestry you want to work (state, federal, industry, consulting, academic).
  3. Start your search in your senior (last) year by studying the employment market and how to find a job.
  4. Contact foresters about the job market.  Face to face contact is important.
  5. Attend as many on-campus interview sessions as possible.
  6. Keep up to date on current forestry issues and policy; read The Journal of Forestry monthly.
  7. Review the Society of American Foresters employment referral service each month for leads.
  8. Find the most recent directory of your state, federal, and industrial forestry organizations.
  9. Call these organizations, ask for a job application, and apply for a job.
  10. Prepare a resume to include your background and other info that would capture the attention of the reader.
  11. Research what a potential employer does and where he operates before any interview.
  12. Continue to contact your college or university's placement office for any new job listings.
  13. Be aggressive and do not give up the job search.
  14. Attend every interview and be concise with your answers.


  1. Try to find summer forestry employment, even if you are not paid.
  2. Develop your communication skills by taking extra writing and speech courses.
  3. Involve yourself in student forestry organizations that develop your leadership skills.
  4. Maintain eye contact at any interview. The worst thing you can do is shoot bull!

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