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Buying A Christmas Tree - A Complete Christmas Tree Buying Guide

A guide to Help You Find and Care for a Christmas tree


Every year millions of families shop for and buy a "real" cut Christmas trees from Christmas tree farms and local lots. According to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), 56 million trees are planted each year for future Christmases and 30 to 35 million families will shop and buy a "real" Christmas tree this year. Finding your perfect Christmas tree can be a challenge.

Start first by taking this Christmas tree quiz to find out how holiday tree savvy you are: Christmas Tree Quiz. Don't worry about your score. Take this quiz for the learning experience. Also, learn more about the first real tree to display electric bulbs instead of burning candles.

Shop Early to Find a Christmas Tree!
The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally when most Christmas tree shopping occurs. But you should really shop for a Christmas tree earlier as it will pay off with less competition for higher quality Christmas tree selections and a fresher holiday tree. You should consider mid-November a time to find a tree and follow through on your Christmas tree procurement.

Remember, every year is different when it comes to Christmas tree availability. Some years have less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tree sellers will be busy over a shorter period of time and you might not have as many days to shop for a Christmas tree. Start your tree search early.

Natural disruptions (insects, disease, fire, drought or ice) can cause regional Christmas tree shortages which can make certain Christmas tree species hard to find. In any event, if you are buying you need to plan and purchase early to pick from the best holiday trees on the lot or on the farm.

Buying Christmas Trees Online
You can now shop for and buy a Christmas tree online with only a few key strokes - and 300,000 people shop this way every year. Buying Christmas trees directly from a quality Christmas tree grower will save valuable holiday time plus you will avoid a cold, overcrowded holiday tree lot only to find poor quality Christmas trees.

It is especially handy to order on-line for someone who has trouble getting out to buy. A special Christmas treat for even the healthy would be seeing a delivery truck delivering their own fresh tree for Christmas (make sure you know the size and varities they like). I have selected five of the most popular internet Christmas tree dealers selling fresh from the farm.

Possible Christmas Tree Selections
Christmas tree growers offer an awesome selection of Christmas tree species with excellent aromatic varieties that retain their needles through the entire season. At least 10 species of Christmas trees are commercially grown and sold in large quantities in North America.

Start by viewing what North Americans consider the 10 most popular Christmas trees. Then learn a little more about each of these Top 10 Christmas Trees selected as the most popular in North America.

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