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A Complete Fall Color and Autumn Leaf Viewing Guide

Enhancing Your Autumn Leaf and Fall Tree Viewing


Beartown Entrance

Beartown Entrance

Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to About.com Bob Padgett Yellow Poplar in Full Color

Bob Padgett Yellow Poplar in Full Color

Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to About.com Colorado Aspen and Doug Fir in Fall

Colorado Aspen and Doug Fir in Fall

Photo by Jim Zornes

One of nature's grandest color displays -- the autumn tree leaf color change -- will develop as early as mid-September in the northern latitudes of North America. This annual autumn tree leaf change will manifest itself in living fall color through most of October, then wane toward the end of November in the southern part of the United States. You will have at least two months of quality autumn leaf viewing somewhere in North America.

The best part about viewing the fall color is, it won't cost one red cent to enjoy!

Let me qualify that. Fall color viewing will not cost anything if you are lucky enough to live in or near a deciduous forest or have trees in your yard that express fall color. All others better get ready to pay for the experience. City escapees spend over one billion dollars each season looking at what many consider the splashiest show in nature. Autumn leaf viewing is a major vacation attraction - especially throughout New England, the central Northwoods and the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States.

Here are ten of the best fall leaf viewing trips you can make: 10 Best Places to See Fall Color in North American Forests

No forestry site would be complete without some mention of the October tree viewing pilgrimage - and how people can better enjoy viewing the autumn foliage. I've developed this quick leaf-viewing reference that includes some basic tree leaf science and leaf viewing tips. You will find enough information here to enhance your next autumn leaf viewing trip. Use this guide as a starting point for your next leaf-viewing vacation.

Starting Tips for Viewing Leaves

(1) Review the most beautiful trees naturally on display during fall leaf viewing season - Photos of the Most Colorful Tree Species and A Gallery of Common Trees in Autumn

(2) Review these leaf silhouettes of common tree species - Identify a Tree by Leaf Silhouette

(3) Get a recommended field guide to enhance the trip - Top Fall Color Tree Resources and Field Guides and Top North American Tree Identification Field Guides

(4) Learn how to organize, build and display an autumn leaf collection - Making a Tree Leaf Collection and Building a Leaf Press

(5) Use this field guide and key to identify an autumn leaf by tree species - A Field Guide for Identifying Hardwood Trees and Tree Leaf Finder

Read More >>>The Science of Leaf Change

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