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Viewing and Locating Autumn Color

The Best Leaf Views


Fall Leaf Color Change - Leaf Change Predictors

University of Georgia silvics professor, Dr. Kim Coder, suggests there are ways to you can predict how beautiful a fall leaf color display will be. These simple predictors use known information and applies some common sense to forecast a season with surprising accuracy. By reviewing Dr. Coder's key predictors, you will increase your chances of seeing the best leaves at just the right time. Review Predicting Fall Color Displays .


The Fall Color Hotline

Probably one of the best resource available online for leaf viewing information is the National Forest Fall Foliage Hotline. I try to maintain an annual update on the site with available phone numbers. Don't expect to find up to date information until late September of the current leaf season.

This federal phone hotline offers you information on viewing leaves in and around the U.S. National Forests and Parks. It is brought to you by the USDA Forest Service and is updated every year to reflect changing conditions and new sites. For more information and a link to the USFS Hotline review USFS National Forest Fall Foliage Hotline.


The Fall Color Webcams

View The Changing Leaves on Web Cams
The view of changing leaves is well documented by a collection of web cams I have found that cover all of North America. This site is designed to help you see foliage coloration directly from "live" cameras in strategic scenic locations. Work your way south from Banff, Alberta through Glacier National Park over to Acadia National Park, Maine and down to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. To see in "real time" the turning of the leaves, visit my Best Fall Forest Web Cams .

Again, don't forget the best places for viewing leaves in North America: 10 Best Places to See Fall Color in North American Forests

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