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A Forest Ranger's Camp Recipes Cookbook - Introduction

Forest Service Firetower Cooking Manual Found!


A Forest Ranger's Camp Recipes Cookbook - Introduction

The USFS Lookout Cookbook

USFS Publication, Archived by Forest History Society
The handwritten camp recipe "Lookout Cookbook" was issued in 1938 throughout the U.S. Forest Service's Northwest Region. The camp recipe book was developed for lookouts and fire crews to "fix any number of pies, cakes, egg dishes, soups, sandwiches, sauces, entrees and vegetables" in remote areas with the most basic ingredients and available cookware.

This 60 year-old cookbook was used by nearly a hundred lookouts, smoke-chasers, small crews and forest rangers during the 1937 season. Their critical comments fine-tuned over 100 recipes provided by fifteen women and one man. The result is one of the most interesting,informative and practical sources available on camp and cabin cooking.
These instructions can become the basics for great camp and cabin recipes and field tested by the ultimate outdoorsmen - forest rangers!

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