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Liberia's Rainforest


liberia's Rainforest


Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Cote d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone

The Resource:

The present high forest can be subdivided into three groups, primary high forest, old secondary forest that has reached climax and old secondary forest that has not yet reached climax. - FAO

Cause of Problem:

Seven years of civil war caused the forest heavy damage by non-organized, non-professional bands and warring factions. Nearly all the remaining forests are under concessions to private companies.

Other Environmental Issues:

"tropical rain forest deforestation; soil erosion; loss of biodiversity; pollution of coastal waters from oil residue and raw sewage" - CIA

Rhett A. Butler's Assessment :

Nearly all Liberia's remaining forest is under concessions to private companies for exploitation and the government has little, if any control over the future of these lands. Subsistence and commercial agriculture had previously threatened Liberia's forests, but recent civil strife has lead to depopulation...Read More

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