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The Big Trees Register


Big Tree Register

Big Tree Register

American Forests, founded in 1875, is the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the United States. American Forests publishes American Forests Magazine quarterly but is also known for promoting the National Register of Big Trees every other year.

American Forests has been the keeper of the register since 1940 when forester Joseph Stearns said: "Let every tree lover, every forester, every lumberman rally ... to fight for the preservation of our biggest tree specimens." Since then, the register has turned into an institution with big tree coordinators in all 50 states and a group of big tree hunters always on the lookout for new champion trees.

Davey Tree Expert Company sponsors the program. A spokesman from Davey says, "The Davey Tree Expert Company is proud of its affiliation with American Forests - another organization that cares about, and for, trees. We are particularly honored to have been the national sponsor of The National Register of Big Trees".

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