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Acer negundo


(silvics courtesy of Silvics Manual, USFS)

From Virginia Tech w/Photos
(Big List courtesy of VT Dendrology)

North American Timber Types
(courtesy About Forestry)

The Great American Hardwood Forest
(courtesy About Forestry)

Recent Champion: 110' height, 127' spread, 214" circumf., Washtenaw County, Michigan
National Register of Big Trees

(courtesy of ForestryImages.org)

Range Map
{Native Range of boxelder}
-The native range of boxelder, USFS.

Quick Stats
Common Names: ashleaf maple, boxelder maple, Manitoba maple, California boxelder

Habitat: It grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils but tolerates many conditions

Description: The most widespread and best known of the maples

Uses: Greatest value may be in shelterbelt and street plantings in the Great Plains and the West, where it is used because of its drought and cold tolerance

Boxelder Plate(enlarge plate)

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