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Magnolia grandiflora

southern magnolia

Southern magnolia is an aristocrat of trees. It grows as a native throughout the lower South, is widely adaptable to a variety of soils, and has few pest problems. With glossy evergreen foliage and large white fragrant blossoms in spring, it truly is one of the most handsome and durable native trees for Southern landscapes. The largest privately planted grove of these trees are located at Milky Way Farm (Mars candy family) in Southern Tennessee.

Southern magnolia flowers Southern magnolia leaf Photos by Steve Nix

Start with the if you are not sure what kind of tree you have!

Range Map
-The native range of Southern Magnolia, USFS.
-The native range of Southern magnolia, USFS.

(silvics courtesy of Silvics Manual, USFS)

From Virginia Tech w/Photos
(Big List courtesy of VT Dendrology)

North American Timber Types
(courtesy About Forestry)

The Great American Hardwood Forest
(courtesy About Forestry)

Recent Champion: 98' height, 90' spread, 268" circumf., Jones County, Mississippi
National Register of Big Trees

Southern Magnolia Images
(courtesy of ForestryImages.org)

(images courtesy of Steve Nix and Forestry About.com)

Quick Stats
Common Names: evergreen magnolia, bull-bay, big-laurel, or large-flower magnolia

Habitat: Grows best on rich, moist, well-drained soils of the bottoms and low uplands of the Coastal Plains of Southeastern United States

Description: Has large fragrant white flowers and evergreen leaves that make it one of the most splendid of forest trees and a very popular ornamental trees.

Uses: Marketed as magnolia lumber along with other magnolia species to make furniture,
pallets, and veneer.

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