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What Do You Really Know About North America's Forests?
A quiz on ten important facts taken from a recent United States Forest Service study
The United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service recently published the results of a national forest inventory. This inventory was compiled after collecting data on 4.5 million remote sensing plots and 125,000 permanent field plots. A total of 1.5 million trees were intensively measured.

This quiz will give you a chance to find out how "forest" literate you are. I think you just may be surprised at the forest condition in the United States.

This quiz was created to test your knowledge based on information taken from the 2000 Renewable Resources Planning Act Assessment. All of these questions were developed using the USDS-Forest Service publication U.S. Forest Facts and Historical Trends.

1. The United States grows 10% of the World's forest, harvests less than 8% of the worlds wood and wood fiber, and from this produces ----% of the World's forest products.

2. In 1630, there was an estimated one billion acres of forest land in the United States. That number dramatically dropped to 759 million acres when measured in 1907. What do you think the most recent figure is?
389 million acres
747 million acres
903 million acres

3. Eleven percent of U.S. western forests are legislatively reserved and protected from logging. What percent of eastern U.S. forests are withdrawn from timber production and utilization?

4. Only about 5% of private forest landowners have a written management plan on their forest. The survey shows ---% of private forest land acreage is under management using a written plan.
Nearly 60%
Nearly 20%
Nearly 40%

5. The Western United States has only 3.6% of forest area in planted forests while eastern forests have just over ---% of forest acreage in plantations.

6. After intensive logging between 1870 and 1920, ---% of the Nation's forests grow trees that are less than 50 years old.

7. There is more wood today in American forests than there was in 1953. The cubic foot increase of wood growing in these forests over the last 60 years has been ---%.

8. Unfortunately, U.S. tree mortality (trees dying naturally in any given year) is higher now than at any other time over the last 60 years. Natural causes of death take nearly ---% of a forest's trees annually.

9. Forest planting in the United States currently averages about --- acres per year.
700 thousand
1.4 million
2.4 million

10. Over the past 60 years, growing trees has generally exceeded harvesting trees throughout the United States. True or false?
Harvest equals growth

Score =
Correct answers:

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