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1997 Features

12/21/97 - Forestry Jobs and Employment:  This feature helps you in finding out about jobs and a career in forestry and conservation.  It gives info on training, what is expected when you start to work, and where to start looking for a job.

12/14/97 - Wonderful Shiitake - Aphrodisiac, Immune Enhancer, Food:  This feature deals with a fungi called Lentinus edodes, or Shiitake mushroom.  It is a major item of produce in Asia and is associated with health benefits and cuisine.  Learn about the mushroom and how to cultivate it.

12/07/97 - Christmas Trees:  Buying, Growing, Selling:  This feature helps you pick out a good tree.  It also helps you start a Christmas tree operation and gives you some marketing tips.

11/23/97 - The Timber Market:  An Interview Part II:  Ron Wenrich, a sawmill management consultant, agreed to talk to me on the timber market.  Here he gives advice on how to market your timber.  This is part 2 of a two part series.

11/16/97 - The Timber Market:  An Interview Part I:  Ron Wenrich, a sawmill management consultant, agreed to talk to me on the timber market.  Here he provides selling tips and insight on the timber commodity.  This is part 1 of a two part series.

11/09/97 - A Forest Products Glossary of Terms:  I have found these to be terms that confuse when talking forest product shop.  Send me any others you might want listed.

11/02/97 - The Infamous Wood-chip Mill:  Very hard to take a middle-of-the-road attitude on this controversial issue.  Some believe it is a major threat to the environment and the economy - others think not.

10/26/97 - Understanding Wood Volumes:  Mission Impossible:  Knowing the volume of you trees can be the most important you do at market time.  Take this shortcourse on tree volumes and conversion factors.

10/12/97 - Pot for Paper - The Hemp Movement:   The loss of a portion of the world's rainforest is fueling a resurgence in interest in alternate sources of fiber.  Find out about the industrial hemp movement.

10/05/97 - Your Shade Tree:   Hire an Arborist if you are having problems with trees in your favorite landscape.  Learn about the practice of Arboriculture.

09/28/97 - Autumn Leaves:   No forestry site is complete without an update on this season's leaf fall.  Read why trees turn colors and explore links that can make the 1997 autumn season the beginning of a great vacation.

09/21/97 - A Primer on Forest Certification:   What is forest certification and why is it an international issue?  Read this feature.

09/14/97 - USFS Publications Dealing in Applied Forestry:   You may have experienced sticker shock when purchasing technical forestry books.  Here are some publications that do not cost an arm and a leg.

09/07/97 - Guidelines for Preparing a Timber Sale Contract:   A timber sale contract is a must when selling trees.  Here are a few guidelines to prepare a contract.

08/31/97 - Making That Timber Sale:   For many tree growers, timber sales are only done several times a lifetime.  Use this report to do it right.

08/24/97 - The Environmentalist:   Find out about Pantheism and how it effect todays environmental movement.

08/17/97 - Royal Paulownia - Roots of Gold?:   Paulownia has been advertised as the answer to all your financial worries if you own land.  Find out if you should plant this tree.

08/10/97 - Facts and Guidelines on Planting Trees:   Tree planting can be that first step in establishing a forest.  This guide gives you a head start on creating your future forest.

08/03/97 - Forest Fire - The Good, Bad, and Ugly:   Relive the last 20 minutes of 16 firefighters lives, see what the fire danger rating is for your neck of the woods, and read an alternative viewpoint about fighting forest fires.

07/27/97 - Ten Million Private Forest Owners Need Tree Information:  Owning land and trees can be a big job and a challenge to do correctly.  This article can start you on a less stressful and more fulfilling bond with your forest.


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