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Aspen Tree - 100 Most Common North American Trees - Forestry
A walk-through description and guide to identifying the aspen tree or Populus tremuloides. Find out more about the aspen tree's habit, range, silviculture and ...
Description and Identification of an Aspen Tree - Forestry - About.com
Habitat: Aspen trees occupy pure stands on sandy gravelly slopes, the only transcontinental broadleaf tree growing from Newfoundland to California and Mexico ...
The Natural Range of the Aspen Tree - Forestry - About.com
Aspen trees grow singly and in multi-stemmed clones over the widest distribution of any native tree species in North America. The aspen tree range extends from ...
Insects and Diseases of Aspen Tree - Forestry - About.com
"Aspen trees are affected by numerous insects, diseases and cultural problems. While there are plenty of good-looking aspen around the region, it also is the ...
The Silviculture and Management of an Aspen Tree - Forestry
"an aspen tree is born of fire, landslide, and disaster. It colonizes disturbed areas, massing at the sunny edges of forests and meadows, where its white bark and ...
Fall Foliage of Quaking Aspen Trees, Poplar Trees - Landscaping
Quaking aspen trees (Populus tremuloides), with their golden-yellow fall foliage, are perhaps the dominant fall foliage tree of western North America. It is from ...
Aspen Wood Shavings as Pet Bedding - Review - Exotic Pets
A look at the pros and cons of aspen shavings as pet bedding.
Best Romantic Activities in Aspen Colorado
Top ways for couples to spend time in Aspen, Colorado.
Map of Aspen-birch type - Forestry - About.com
Forest type maps: forest types gif width forestry pid map.
Skiing Aspen Mountain - About.com
With a variety of advanced and expert runs, including double-black steeps and challenging glades, Aspen Mountain is a paradise for advanced skiers.
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