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How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw - Forestry - About.com
I show you the step by step process on how cut down a tree using a chainsaw. Felling a tree with a chainsaw must combine safety with a plan how the tree ...
Determine Tree Felling Direction - Forestry - About.com
You need to first determine the felling direction of the tree you want to cut. That means fining a clear fall ... How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw. By Steve Nix.
Complete Your Tree Felling With a Final Back Cut
How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw. By Steve Nix ... going on. Keep your backcut parallel to the face cut and stop cutting about two inches from the face." 6 of 8.
Tips for Felling a Tree Using a Chainsaw Video
Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw could lead to some serious damage if you don't take the proper precautions. In this how-to video from About.com, learn ...
Creating a Notch or Face Cut - Making Your First Cut - Forestry
A notch or face cut should be your first cut after determining the felling direction. This cut is created by ... How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw. By Steve Nix.
Chainsaw and Timber Felling Glossary - Forestry - About.com
Here are terms essential in understanding the chainsaw and timber felling.
Safety Tips for Felling a Tree Video
Before we get started I would just like to say that felling a tree is one of the most dangerous operations performed when using a chainsaw and so before felling a  ...
Top Cut and Bottom Cut - Parts of the Notch Cut - Forestry - About.com
How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw. By Steve Nix · Forestry Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via Email. Recipient's Email. This field is required. Separate ...
Escape The Falling Tree - Plan a Tree Felling Retreat - Forestry
... planned for. The final felling cut should should include a size-up of its landing zone and your plan for a felling retreat. ... How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw.
Things to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Chain Saw - Forestry
My eighty-eight year old mother purchased a Remington electric chainsaw at a ... There is also a considerable compromise in cutting power when compared to ...
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