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Determine Tree Felling Direction - Forestry - About.com
You need to first determine the felling direction of the tree you want to cut. That means fining a clear fall path and a safe escape route..
How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw - Forestry - About.com
I show you the step by step process on how cut down a tree using a chainsaw. Felling a tree with a chainsaw must combine safety with a plan how the tree ...
Chain Saw Safety | Operating a Chainsaw | Carl Smith ... - Forestry
I then look up at the tree from several directions to determine lean, broken, or lodged ... This will more than likely determine the direction the tree will fall.
Figuring Out the Best Time to Plant Trees - Landscaping - About.com
Tree Type Helps Determine Best Time for Planting ... You can undertake the operation earlier in the fall and later in the spring than their deciduous counterparts.
Tips for Felling a Tree Using a Chainsaw Video
In this how-to video from About.com, learn important tips for felling a tree safely with a ... The way the cut is made should determine the direction of the fall.
Fall Color - Forestry - About.com
A complete information guide on all aspects of fall color and the autumn leaf season. You will find where to view tree leaf colors, how trees change colors, photos ...
How and Why Foresters Determine a Tree's Age - Forestry - About.com
Foresters use annual tree ring counts on large tracks of forests to determine the ... drier later in the summer and the growing season comes to a close in the fall, ...
How to Transplant Trees and Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
Prior to transplanting, determine whether the tree or shrub likes sun or shade, ... times for transplanting; fall would be the second best time (I explain in When to ...
Complete Your Tree Felling With a Final Back Cut
The backcut disconnects almost all of the tree from the stump leaving a hinge that helps to control the tree's fall. Here is the procedure for making a backcut:.
Top Cut and Bottom Cut - Parts of the Notch Cut - Forestry - About.com
The top cut is the first of two cuts that result in a V-shaped notch. The notch is made on the side of the tree that you want it to fall. Here is the procedure for making ...
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