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When Did the U.S. Environmental Movement Begin?
Nobody held an organizing meeting and drew up a charter, so there is no absolute definitive answer to the question of when the environmental movement really ...
What Is the Green Movement? - Environmental Movement
The history of the green movement, like that of many other political and social movements, is just one part of America's complex history. Though the conservation ...
Environment and Animal Rights - Contrast and Compare
Animal rights groups and environmental groups often work together, but do not ... The environmental movement and the animal rights movement often have ...
Richard Nixon: Green President? - Endangered Species - About.com
The act also entailed the establishment of the official endangered species list and has been referred to as the Magna Carta of the environmental movement.
Occupy Wall Street: An Environmental Protest? - Green Living
The protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street has grabbed international attention by rattling its tin cup against the pillars of the financial community.
John Muir Biography - Father of the National Parks
John Muir Inspired the Conservation Movement .... The organization continues at the forefront of the environmental movement today, and Muir, of course, is a ...
Environmental Justice: What Is Environmental Justice?
A combination of the civil rights and environmental movements, environmental justice activists sought to combat what scholars have called environmental racism ...
First Earth Day | History of Earth Day - Green Living - About.com
By blaming their use for the widespread decimation of bird and animal populations, she is credited for giving the environmental movement its robust scientific ...
Intersectionality - How animal rights fits in with other movements
Leading advocates of intersectionality in the animal rights movement include ... and Contrasting the Animal Rights and Environmental Movements · 12 Myths ...
EPA | Environmental Protection Agency - Green Living - About.com
America's EPA - the Environmental Protection Agency - was created in 1970 during the environmental movement's early years of progress. The history of the US ...
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