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Face Cut - Forestry - About.com
Definition: A section or notch of wood sawn and removed from a tree's base. Its removal allows the tree to fall and assists in direction where it will fall. The face is  ...
Creating a Notch or Face Cut - Making Your First Cut - Forestry
A notch or face cut should be your first cut after determining the felling direction. This cut is created by making a v cut that takes out a slice of wood leaving hinge ...
The Face Cut Slice - Cutting Out a Notch to Create A Wedge - Forestry
Making a face cut by notching out a wood wedge or slice. Try to make your notch cut a one piece effort resulting in a watermelon slice of wood.
Top Cut and Bottom Cut - Parts of the Notch Cut - Forestry - About.com
Angle of Attack -- Cut upward at an appropriate angle - 20 degrees for an Open- face notch. Ending Point -- Stop when the cut reaches the end point of the face ...
Haircuts 2015: The Most Flattering Styles By Face Shape - Beauty
This means if you have a round face, you may want to avoid short curly hair that makes your round face appear rounder. The better option would be a cut that ...
Hairstyles for Oval Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts - Beauty
Find out what long, medium and short hairstyles best flatter an oval face shape. Plus, find ... No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers near your  ...
Pixie Cut for a Round Face - Beauty - About.com
Want to learn how to create a pixie cut for a round face? Here, see tips and tricks for getting the look right.
Hairstyles for Round Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts - Beauty
I pick the best and worst hairstyles for round face shapes. ... This cut on Emma Stone (see a photo gallery of Stone's best hairstyles) works beautifully with her ...
Printable Halloween Cut Outs - Family Crafts - About.com
Print out this Halloween cut out that looks like a cat face and use it as a pattern for your Halloween ... Jagged Face Halloween Cut-Out Pattern - Tony Henry.
Injuries to the Face - First Aid - About.com
Cuts and scrapes to the face bleed quite a bit, even when they're relatively minor. ... Once bleeding stops, it's important to dress a cut correctly to avoid scars.
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