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How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw - Forestry - About.com
Tyson Schultz is an Oregon logger and uses his chainsaw everyday to fell trees and buck logs. This is an adaptation of one of his posts to the About Forestry ...
Determine Tree Felling Direction - Forestry - About.com
You need to first determine the felling direction of the tree you want to cut. That means fining a clear fall path and a safe escape route..
Creating a Notch or Face Cut - Making Your First Cut - Forestry
"Starting the bottom cut of the face, notice how I begin on the side of the tree rather than the front. It is easier to line your cuts up if you begin by making an ...
Tips for Felling a Tree Using a Chainsaw Video
Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw could lead to some serious damage if you don't ... In this how-to video from About.com, learn important tips for felling a tree ...
The Face Cut Slice - Cutting Out a Notch to Create A Wedge - Forestry
"If your bottom comes up short of the top cut and the top cut is in the tree deeper that the bottom, you have a condition known as a Dutchman. It can be a mistake ...
Top Cut and Bottom Cut - Parts of the Notch Cut - Forestry - About.com
A top cut and a bottom cut makes the notch. These two cuts removes a wedge of wood which creates a notch with a hinge which controls speed of the tree drop.
How To Fell a Tree - Forestry - About.com
How to Fell a Tree From your Forestry Guide. Cutting down a tree is very dangerous if you don't know how to do it. Difficulty Level: Hard ...
Escape The Falling Tree - Plan a Tree Felling Retreat - Forestry
A falling tree is where most sawyers are injured and should be planned for. The final felling cut should should include a size-up of its landing zone and your plan  ...
Safety Tips for Felling a Tree Video
Felling a tree is one of the most dangerous things you can do. In this how-to video from About.com, learn some very important safety tips to follow when felling a ...
Work Safely With a Chainsaw - Critical Things to Know - Forestry
You may want to remove some trees to give a favorite tree room to grow, or cut some firewood or fence posts, or remove an unhealthy or dangerous tree. A chain ...
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