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What States Have Wildfire Fatalities - Wildfire Deaths by Organization
Data on who hires firefighters that become wildfire fatalities and regions where wildland firefighters are more likely to be killed.
How Wildfire Kills Firefighters | Death Incidents of Participants on ...
Wildland firefighting operations are conducted in a high-risk environment. Fire fighters and non-firefighters on wildfires can become fatalities during an ...
Introduction to Wildfire Fatalities - Causes of Death of Forest Fire ...
Wildland firefighting operations are conducted in a potentially harmful high-risk environment. Firefighters and non-firefighters can become fatalities during a ...
Five Wildfire Disasters - Final Forest Fire Reports
Failing to outrun the flames, 12 firefighters perished. Two helitack crew members on top of the ridge also died when they tried to outrun the fire to the northwest.
Firefighters Die - Forestry - About.com
Fires shelters were deployed in an area surrounded by fire on all sides. Four firefighters were killed and another four firefighters and two civilians were injured.
Fatal Incident Report - How Wildfire Fatalities Happen - Forestry
Fires that overrun personnel and equipment killed 38 firefighters from 1990 to 1998. Burnovers always carry the risk of multiple fatalities when fire conditions are ...
PTSD in Firefighters - Rates of PTSD in Firefighters
Jan 29, 2013 ... Firefighters frequently encounter potentially traumatic events, and ... people who were "dead on arrival" (where the death was not due to natural ...
Lightning Causes Deadly Dude Fire - Killer Arizona Wildfire - Forestry
Tragically 28,480 acres burned in 2 national forests, 63 homes were destroyed and six firefighters were killed over the next ten days. One of those homes was ...
Why Are Bagpipes a Part of Funerals? - World Music - About.com
Work-related deaths for firemen and cops were not uncommon, and when one ... Where do they find bagpipers to play at firefighter and police officer's funerals?
Lives Lost on Dude Fire - Forestry - About.com
Firefighter Death in Walk Moore Canyon. - Steve Nix. The Dude Fire Death Site. ... and Correctional Officer)and inmate-firefighters James Ellis, Joseph Chacon, ...
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