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A Forest Ecosystem and Biodiversity - Forestry - About.com
A forest ecosystem is one major ecologic unit that exists as a part of the total complex ecological condition.
Example of a Forest Ecosystem - Forestry - About.com
Forest ecosystems are defined by a "salient" or common set of characteristics that make the forest ecology of a particular area unique. These very complex sets ...
Forest Resource Glossary and Definition of Terms - E - Forestry
Forest Resource Glossary and Definition of Terms: hydrologic unit maps ecological types forestry terms native vegetation resource glossary.
What is the Definition of a Forest Ecosystem? - Forestry - About.com
Sep 18, 2012 ... The environmental "common denominator" of that forest ecological community is a tree, who most faithfully obeys the ecological cycles of ...
Tree Snag Ecology - Forestry - About.com
A dead tree, sometimes called a snag, can be overlooked as a valuable part forest ecology. Tree snags are very important biologically for a naturally developing ...
V. Protection of the Ecological Environment and Biodiversity
The government has paid special attention to the construction of forest ecological projects. Since 1978 China has established ten forest ecological projects, with ...
Forest succession establishes and pushes trees to maturity. - Forestry
... by Henry David Thoreau in 1860. Foresters have embraced the new science of forest ecology and succession to manage forests and manipulate stands of trees.
Forestry Environmental Issues | Forest Environment - About.com
Here are some of forestry's most serious environmental issues and concerns. Difficult issues facing ... Forest Environment. Forest Ecosystems and Ecology (8)  ...
An Overview of Landscape Ecology - Geography - About.com
There are a wide variety of problems that landscape ecology can address, ranging from the effects of global climate change to the management of forests for  ...
Endangered Species Criteria and Definition - Biology - About.com
For example, the removal of dead trees from a forest may leave the forest relatively intact, but eliminate certain woodpeckers that depend on dead trees for nest ...
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