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Articles related to forest fires

Forest Fire History, Basics, and Behavior
A brief history of forest fires, the basics of forest fire management and control and forest fire behavior.
Forest Fire Behavior - Forest Fire Weather
Reading fire behavior and predicting a forest fire's potential threat by understanding forest fire weather.
Wildland Fire | Wildfire Fighting and Control - The Complete Forest ...
The complexities of forest fire fighting exist on both a biological and political level. Understanding how wildfire is fought, how wildland fires are managed and the ...
Protecting Your Home from Wildfires and Forest Fires - Home Fire ...
How to protect your home from wildfires and forest fires. How to prevent fires from destroying your home. Home fire safety advice. Evacuation tips.
Arizona Wildfires and Forest Fires - Phoenix - About.com
Not only does fighting forest fires have an obvious cost, but wildfires also affect our insurance rates, as well as Arizona tourism during the summer season.
Forest Fires - Impact and Information
While we hear all about the big fires, consider that on any given fire season day, Forest Service firefighters battle up to 200 wildland fires nationwide. What do ...
Causes of Forest Fires - How Wildfires Start
Here is a history of natural wildfire's beginning and chemistry necessary for combustion. Included are the common causes of forest fires and how they spread .
Tragic and Destructive North American Wildfires - 1950 to ... - Forestry
The Cedar Fire was the second largest wildfire in the history of the state of California. San Diego County's Cedar Fire burned over 280,000 acres destroying  ...
Five Wildfire Disasters - Final Forest Fire Reports
As you read this, there are probably several small forest fires burning somewhere in the country. Possibly the largest wildfire occurred in October 1825, burning ...
Wildfire Photo | Prescribed Burn Photo | Forest Fire Photo
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires.
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