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Identifying the Most Common Hardwood Trees - Forestry - About.com
Identification of hardwood trees most common to North American forests by their leaves, fruit and flowers. Use broadleaf and decidious tree species identifiers ...
Common North American Hardwood Trees - Forestry - About.com
A list of the most Common North American hardwood trees with their ranges, their identifying and habitat descriptions plus photos.
Study, identify and name the major North American Hardwoods
Bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum), also called broadleaf maple or Oregon maple, is one of the few commercial hardwood tree species on the Pacific Coast.
Types Of Hardwood Flooring (buyers guide) - About.com
There are many different types of hardwood flooring that you can choose from. Aside from dozens of different species, each with unique characteristics, you also  ...
Information About Hardwood Flooring and Natural Wood Floor ...
Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular floor surface covering materials, and has been for centuries. This is due to its versatility of function and design, ...
Guide To Solid Hardwood Floors - Home Renovations - About.com
Check out a basic guide to solid hardwood flooring for your home. Learn how to choose, install, and maintain this perennially favorite flooring.
How To Clean A Hardwood Floor - Flooring - About.com
When properly cared for, certain species of hardwood floors can last for generations. Even the softest of wood floor coverings can maintain their beauty for years, ...
Why Brazilian Hardwood Floors? - FAQ
It might just be the name. Brazilian hardwood floors employs that unbeatable name, Brazil, which brings up associations of girls in thongs, hot shirtless guys on  ...
Hardwood Flooring In Kitchens - About.com
Hardwood floors can be used in kitchens, but they will require constant maintenance and vigilance, as well as periodic refinishing to keep them looking their ...
Hardwood Flooring Finish, Stain, and Decorative Treatments
A look at the different decorative and finish treatments that can be used to both dress a hardwood floor, and protect it from spills, scratches, and stains.
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