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Saucer Magnolia Photo | Japanese Magnolia Gallery | Tulip Tree
The saucer magnolia or tulip tree is one of the earliest and most beautiful flowering trees to bloom in the United States. It blooms from late winter to as late as ...
Southern magnolia - 100 Most Common Trees - Forestry - About.com
Southern magnolia or Magnolia grandiflora: national register of big trees jones county mississippi magnolia images vt dendrology milky way farm.
How to Manage and Identify Saucer Magnolia - Forestry - About.com
Saucer magnolia is a widely planted and showy flowering small tree and an especially popular spring bloomer in the urban landscape.
Magnolia Care - Landscaping - About.com
Magnolia care begins with proper identification of your tree (e.g., southern, star or saucer type). Here I resolve care problems reported by readers.
Saucer Magnolia Trees - Information and Pictures - Landscaping
I describe saucer magnolia trees in this article and offer growing information. I also supply pictures and introduce other types of magnolias.
Star Magnolias: Luminaries of the Spring Landscape - Landscaping
Star magnolia tree (M. stellata) is Japanese in origin and sometimes exhibits a tendency to grow as a multi-stemmed shrub. Learn pruning and other info here.
Growing the Lily Magnolia (Magnolia liliflora) - Trees & Shrubs
The lily magnolia (Magnolia liliflora or Magnolia liliiflora) is a deciduous shrub that sports perfumed blossoms that can be pink or reddish-purple. It is one of the  ...
Jane Magnolia - Tree or Shrub to Brighten the Yard - Landscaping
Jane magnolia tree is just as often classified as a shrub. Want to learn more? Need help planting one? Know how to care for it? I supply information here.
Magnolia Buds Do Not Open - Reasons Why
Your magnolia buds don't open, and you can't find out the reasons why? In this FAQ I suggest possible causes for blooms being "nipped in the bud."
Yellow Leaves on Southern Magnolia - Landscaping - About.com
Do you have a question on southern magnolia trees with yellow leaves? Learn if, when the foliage of these trees experiences yellowing, it is natural or not.
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