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Prescribed Fires and Controlled Burns - Forestry - About.com
"Prescribed" burning is defined in A Guide for Prescribed Fire in Southern Forests as fire applied in a knowledgeable manner to forest fuels on a specific land ...
Prescribed Burning for Quail Habitat Improvement
Good quail hunting requires periodic plowing, disking, and/or burning of the forest and field property. These practices will set back vegetative succession and  ...
Prescribe Burning in Video - Reasons to Control Burn a Forest
Utah State University Forestry Extension has archived an excellent collection of videos on prescribed burning. Experts in the science of fire and controlled ...
A Prescribed Fire - Controlled Burn Walk-Through
A prescribed fire and controlled burn is necessity in many coniferous stands. ... Videos Supporting the Practice of Prescribed Burning · Manage Your Forest for ...
Prescribed Fire in Woodland and Forest - Forestry - About.com
You will find information on fire weather and behavior, prescribed burning, photo essays, reasons and benefits of burning and wildfire prevention.
Using a Backfire Torch - the Most Important Prescribed Burning Tool
The backfire torch is one of the most important tools in a prescribed burning tool kit. With a container full of a flammable combination of gas and diesel oil and a ...
Fire: A Burning Issue - Forestry
Consequently, professional foresters use "prescribed fire" to control the growth of this unwanted vegetation. In the West, land managers routinely use prescribed ...
A Prescribed and Controlled Fire - The Drip Torch
Prescribed burns in the United States begin by dripping accelerant and fire from ... The torch makes easy work by burning off of a plowed firebreak and back into ...
Wildfire Photo | Prescribed Burn Photo | Forest Fire Photo - Forestry
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires.
The Controlled Burn Firebreak | Building a Prescribed Burn Fireline
Photo gallery of controlled burn firebreak, prescribed burning and forest fires.
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