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Prescribed Fires and Controlled Burns - Forestry - About.com
"Prescribed" burning is defined in A Guide for Prescribed Fire in Southern Forests as fire applied in a knowledgeable manner to forest fuels on a specific land ...
Prescribe Burning in Video - Reasons to Control Burn a Forest
Experts in the science of fire and controlled burning have combined their talents to present a case that prescribed burning is an appropriate forest management ...
A Photo Tour of Prescription Burning - Forestry - About.com
forestry guide is on a photo tour of a prescribed burn with a drip torch.
Wildfire Photo | Prescribed Burn Photo | Forest Fire Photo - Forestry
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires.
A Prescribed Fire - Controlled Burn Walk-Through
A prescribed fire and controlled burn is necessity in many coniferous stands. The controlled fire can protect trees from future fire, disease and insects. The same ...
Prescribed Burning for Quail Habitat Improvement
Prescribed Burning and Firebreaks - Steve Nix/About Forestry ... Good quail hunting requires periodic plowing, disking, and/or burning of the forest and field ...
The Controlled Burn Firebreak | Building a Prescribed Burn Fireline
Photo gallery of controlled burn firebreak, prescribed burning and forest fires.
Fire: A Burning Issue - Forestry
Consequently, professional foresters use "prescribed fire" to control the growth of this unwanted vegetation. In the West, land managers routinely use prescribed ...
A Prescribed and Controlled Burn - Forestry - About.com
Prescribed burns in the United States begin by dripping accelerant and fire from a backfire torch which burns off of a plowed firebreak. You want to burn off the ...
Prescribed Fire in Woodland and Forest - Forestry - About.com
Check here for fire related sites that give information on the sciences associated with controlled burning and managing a prescription burn.
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