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How to Make a Pruning Cut - Forestry - About.com
Proper pruning cuts are important for both the health and the beauty of a tree. These cuts should be made so that only branch tissue is removed and stem tissue ...
How to Make a Pruning Cut - Part II - Forestry - About.com
A complete ring of callus or wound-wood results from a proper pruning cut. Flush cuts made inside the branch bark ridge or branch collar result in the production ...
Pruning Techniques That Will Cause a Tree Harm
Improper pruning cuts cause unnecessary injury and bark ripping. Flush cuts injure stem tissues and can result in decay. Stub cuts delay wound closure and can ...
Types of Pruning Cuts - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
In good pruning there are two fundamental types of cuts: thinning cuts and heading cuts. The location of your cut on the plant and its relation to nearby old and ...
Pruning Heavy Branches - Weight Reduction and Jump Cuts
Pruning heavy branches is a different kind of pruning requiring two phases. ... Pruning heavy branches the right way means making many cuts and a jump cut,  ...
How To Prune - Making Clean Pruning Cuts - Trees & Shrubs
Pruning is a lot easier than brain surgery, but it's just as important to make clean cuts. this guide is full of tips and tricks to tell you the best spots on your plant to ...
How and When to Prune Lilacs - Gardening - About.com
The pruning rule of thumb is to cut no more than 1/3 of a shrub's stems each year. That will keep the plant rejuvenate, with new stems developing and older ...
Pruning a Young Tree: How-To and Tips - Forestry - About.com
Make pruning cuts just outside the branch collar and nearly, but not completely, flush to the trunk. This pruning technique provides viable growing branch bark ...
How to Prune Shrubs - Landscaping - About.com
The next pruning cut will be for thinning of the wood. What we want are branches that are headed outward toward the light. So branches that are headed inward, ...
Pruning With Pole Saws Safely For Tree Pruning - Trees & Shrubs
When a thick branch or vine needs to be cut and you can't reach it from the ground with a pruning saw, you have three choices: prune from a ladder, use a pole ...
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