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Pruning Techniques That Will Cause a Tree Harm
Harmful pruning practices will lead to an unhealthy tree and can eventually ... sprouts or in the death of the cut branch back to the next lateral branch below.
How to Prune a Tree Guide: Reasons to Prune - Forestry - About.com
Pruning a tree will produce strong, healthy, attractive plants. Here is a tutorial and ... Essential Tips on Using a Chain Saw to cut a tree. Logging / Timbering in ...
Prevent Wound Problems by Pruning - - Forestry - About.com
Using a proper pruning cut will help the tree, while improper pruning only causes the tree more trouble. Serious trouble can result from improper pruning unless ...
How To Prune - Making Clean Pruning Cuts - Trees & Shrubs
Every cut in a plant is a wound, even a pruning cut. Just like in humans, pruning wounds expose plants to disease while they are open, and have a natural ...
Types of Pruning Cuts - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
In good pruning there are two fundamental types of cuts: thinning cuts and heading cuts. The location of your cut on the plant and its relation to nearby old and ...
Pruning With Pole Saws Safely For Tree Pruning - Trees & Shrubs
When a thick branch or vine needs to be cut and you can't reach it from the ground with a pruning saw, you have three choices: prune from a ladder, use a pole ...
Pruning Heavy Branches - Weight Reduction and Jump Cuts
The key to cutting a large limb is that a single pruning becomes a two-phase process. In the first phase, you aren't trying to make a perfect pruning cut at the right ...
Pruning Shrubs - Information for Beginners - Landscaping - About.com
Begin by pruning away dead or damaged branches with a pruning shear, lopper or a saw. Your tools should be sharp enough to leave a straight, clear cut, with ...
How to Use a Pruning Saw for Trees and Shrubs - Trees & Shrubs
Once you've decided you need to make a pruning cut and know that the wood is too thick for the otherwise-preferable use of hand pruners or loppers, it's time to ...
Pruning - How to Recognize Dead Wood - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Recognizing dead wood is the first step to good pruning. ... more simple, but decisive tests before you cut, especially if the branch is a major one that you'd like to ...
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