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Filing Federal Timber Income Tax - Forestry - About.com
Five points to remember when preparing your Federal income tax if you have a timber account.
Timber Tax - Forestry - About.com
Here is a basic summary on payers of timber tax in the United States.
Determining Your Timber Tax Basis - Forestry - About.com
The determining of your timber tax basis is the most important part of reporting federal and sometimes state timber taxes. It is simply declaring, with some ...
Timber Tax and Forest Management Expenses - Forestry - About.com
The expenses for managing a forest, performing reforestation work and establishing timber stand regeneration costs may be deductible. Find out more.
Federal Tax on Timber - Filing Your Timber Tax - Forestry - About.com
If you sold standing timber during the taxable year held for over 12 months, you may be able to benefit from the long-term capital gains provisions on timber sale  ...
Forestry Tax Information and Forms - About.com
Sites that will guide you to timber investments and the federal income tax and tax recordkeeping you have to maintain.
Determining Your Timber Casualty Loss - Forestry - About.com
Here is how to determine, document and report timber casualty losses on your federal income tax return.
Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): Is Timber Gain Unrelated ...
Jun 12, 2005 ... unrelated business income, unrelated business taxable income, www irs gov: Directly from the IRS: exceptions to the UBTI: Gains and losses ...
Dealing with Timber Casualty Losses | Timber Damage Deductions
Timberland owners have some favorable tax provisions. Here are five tips designed to help you make the most of these provisions and avoid paying ...
Measure and Sell Your Trees - Determine a Tree or Forest's Volume ...
For many tree growers, a timber sale happens only two or three times in their entire life. They may ... Learn more about your federal timber tax obligation. More .
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