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Prescriptions for Tree Wounds - Branch, Trunk, Root - Forestry
A good tree-care program includes looking for hints of trouble including tree wounds and injury. There are signs and symptoms that indicates tree decay ...
Trees Roots in Your Sewer and Water Line - Forestry - About.com
First, tree roots invade mostly through lines that are damaged and in the top 24 inches of soil. Sound lines and sewers have very little trouble with root damage ...
Process of Tree Root Damage - Forestry - About.com
Roots are often wounded during the construction of buildings and roadways, patios, and swimming pools, unless measures are taken to prevent root injury.
Tree Root Compaction - Tree Roots are Damaged by Compaction
The ten most harmful things you can do to a tree you are growing. Listed in order of the most common problems. Tree roots can be damaged by compaction and ...
Storm Damaged Trees - Tree Damage Prevention - Tree Stem, Root ...
Damage to tree stems, branches and roots are an unfortunate part of a tree's existence. It happens to all trees. Dealing with these problems early and knowing  ...
What to Do With Surface Roots in the Yard? - Forestry - About.com
Cutting out tree roots is not advisable. Trees that experience root removal and damage can express top death on the side the roots were harmed. Removing ...
More defects: tree cankers, tree root problems and poor tree form!
#6- Roots: Trees with root problems may blow over in windstorms or even fall from the weight of the tree's leaves in summer. Root problems can be caused by  ...
Ten Bad Things We Do to Our Trees: Too Much Love - Forestry
The ten most harmful things you can do to a tree you are growing. ... anchor a tree in heavy winds and can protect trees from mechanical damage. ... of a tree that is over 3" deep can be too much to the point of effecting root and bark functi...
Grafting - Grafts to Repair Wounds on Trees - Trees & Shrubs
For wounds to branches, bark, and roots of special trees that need repair, grafting can ... If you've ever noticed an old wound on a tree, from impact damage or a ...
Root and Butt Rot Tree Diseases - Prevention and Control - Forestry
Root rots are more common on older trees or trees which have sustained root or basal injury. Root rots thrive on poor soil conditions. Trees with extensive root ...
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