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Wildland Fire | Wildfire Fighting and Control - Forestry - About.com
Fighting uncontrolled wildfire is extremely complex and potentially very dangerous. The complexities of forest fire fighting exist on both a biological and political ...
Introduction to Wildfire Fatalities - Forestry - About.com
Firefighters and non-firefighters can become fatalities during a wildfire in a matter of seconds. There are risks when fighting fire in forests but there are also ...
Current National Wildfire Maps and Conditions - Forestry - About.com
Here is a collection of the most important and current information of the latest wildfire incidents and condition reports for the entire United States. Included are ...
Information and Updates on Wildfires in Arizona - Phoenix - About.com
Aug 9, 2014 ... Every year there are wildfires in Arizona. While many people think of Arizona as being desert, we also have significant forest lands in the state.
Arizona Wildfires and Forest Fires - Phoenix - About.com
Wildfires affect large portions of the state of Arizona, which has six national forests in addition to the desert areas. Here are resources for up-to-the-minute forest ...
Current Wildfire Information for the Northwest US - Northwest Travel
Wildfire information for the Northwest United States, including resources to learn current fire locations and degree of containment.
Wildfire Photo | Prescribed Burn Photo | Forest Fire Photo - Forestry
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires.
Emergency Tips for Approaching Wildfire - Things to Do When ...
There are things you can immediately do to minimize or completely eliminate property damage from an approaching wildfire. It goes without saying that knowing ...
Causes of Forest Fires - How Wildfires Start - Forestry - About.com
Here is a history of natural wildfire's beginning and chemistry necessary for combustion. Included are the common causes of forest fires and how they spread .
What States Have Wildfire Fatalities - Wildfire Deaths by Organization
Everyone exposed to wildfire is also subject to the deadly hazards of fire. Not only are there risks associated when confronting a fire, there are risks when ...
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