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Wildland Fire | Wildfire Fighting and Control - Forestry - About.com
Fighting uncontrolled wildfire is extremely complex and potentially very dangerous. The complexities of forest fire fighting exist on both a biological and political ...
Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken - Forestry - About.com
Some consider this photo taken by a firefighter as the most beautiful photograph of a forest fire ever taken using a digital camera. The McColgan Wildfire Photo.
Emergency Tips for Approaching Wildfire - Things to Do When ...
These are things you can do to protect life and property when under immediate wildfire threat.
What States Have Wildfire Fatalities - Wildfire Deaths by Organization
Data on who hires firefighters that become wildfire fatalities and regions where wildland firefighters are more likely to be killed.
The Wildfire Fatality - Forestry - About.com
Fire fighters are killed fighting wildfire every fire season. Most of them will die from the fire itself, from heart attacks or from the equipment used in wildland fire ...
Five Wildfire Disasters - Final Forest Fire Reports
Here are five final wildfire reports that have had a major influence on US fire protection.
How Wildfire Kills Firefighters - Forestry - About.com
The causes and reasons wildland firefighters are killed during a wildfire incident.
wildfire Fighter Training | USFS Introduction To Wildland fire fighting
Wildfire fighter training is introduced here as part of the United States Forest Service's basic Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation course and called Firefighter ...
Wildfire Photo | Prescribed Burn Photo | Forest Fire Photo - Forestry
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires.
Current National Wildfire Maps and Conditions - Forestry - About.com
Current National Wildfire Maps and Condition Reports. The United State's Latest Fire Situation at a Glance - Maps, Reports and Forecasts.
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