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The Wildfire Fatality - Forestry - About.com
Fire fighters are killed fighting wildfire every fire season. Most of them will die ... How Wildfire Firefighters are Killed - The Wildfire Fatality. How Firefighters are ...
What States Have Wildfire Fatalities - Wildfire Deaths by Organization
Data on who hires firefighters that become wildfire fatalities and regions where wildland firefighters are more likely to be killed.
How Wildfire Kills Firefighters | Death Incidents of Participants on ...
Wildland firefighting operations are conducted in a high-risk environment. Fire fighters and non-firefighters on wildfires can become fatalities during an ...
Five Wildfire Disasters - Final Forest Fire Reports
The tragedy dealt a major blow to the U.S. Forest Service, which had not experienced a fatality during a decade of smokejumping. This report examines the ...
Fatal Incident Report - How Wildfire Fatalities Happen - Forestry
A report on fatal forest fire burning incidents and how wildfire fatalities happen.
Wildland Fire | Wildfire Fighting and Control - Forestry - About.com
Fighting uncontrolled wildfire is extremely complex and potentially very ... of how a forest fire can go wrong and how we can learn from wildfire fatalities.
Wildfire Tragedy on Storm King Mountain - Forestry - About.com
Tragic wildfire on Bureau of Land Management's Storm King Mountain in 1994 where fourteen firefighters lost their lives. The South Canyon Fire tragedy ...
Firefighters Die - Forestry - About.com
Deadliest firefighters die fire shelter wildfire firefighter USFS forest fires. ... The Nation's Deadliest Wildfire Since 1994. The Fatal Fire. • Wildfire Fatalities
South Canyon Fire - Storm King Mountain - Tragic Wildfire - Forestry
Tragic wildfire on Bureau of Land Management's Storm King Mountain in 1994 where fourteen firefighters ... The Prineville Hotshot and smokejumper deaths... -.
Wildfire in Woodland and Forest - Forestry - About.com
You will find information on fire weather and behavior, prescribed burning, photo essays, reasons and benefits of burning Smokey bear, wildfire fatalities, ...
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