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Introduction to Wildfire Fatalities - Causes of Death of Forest Fire ...
Each year the National Wildfire Coordinating Group prepares a "SafetyGram" that documents wildfire fatalities across the United States. It includes records of ...
What States Have Wildfire Fatalities - Wildfire Deaths by Organization
Data on who hires firefighters that become wildfire fatalities and regions where wildland firefighters are more likely to be killed.
Fatal Incident Report - How Wildfire Fatalities Happen
A report on fatal forest fire burning incidents and how wildfire fatalities happen.
Wildland Fire | Wildfire Fighting and Control
The complexities of forest fire fighting exist on both a biological and political level. ... how a forest fire can go wrong and how we can learn from wildfire fatalities.
How Wildfire Kills Firefighters | Death Incidents of Participants on ...
Wildland firefighting operations are conducted in a high-risk environment. Fire fighters and non-firefighters on wildfires can become fatalities during an ...
Five Wildfire Disasters - Final Forest Fire Reports
Here are five final wildfire reports that have had a major influence on US fire ... Fourteen causal factors were determined to have influenced the fatalities as ...
Wildfire Tragedy on Storm King Mountain
Tragic wildfire on Bureau of Land Management's Storm King Mountain in 1994 where fourteen firefighters lost their lives. The South Canyon Fire tragedy ...
South Canyon Fire - Storm King Mountain - Tragic Wildfire
Tragic wildfire on Bureau of Land Management's Storm King Mountain in 1994 where fourteen firefighters ... The Prineville Hotshot and smokejumper deaths... -.
Firefighters Die - Forestry - About.com
Deadliest firefighters die fire shelter wildfire firefighter USFS forest fires. ... The Nation's Deadliest Wildfire Since 1994. The Fatal Fire. • Wildfire Fatalities
Wildfire in Woodland and Forest
You will find information on fire weather and behavior, prescribed burning, photo essays, reasons and benefits of burning Smokey bear, wildfire fatalities, ...
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