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Tree Biology

A tree is a simple organism to the eye but is an extremely complicated biological organism. Find out more about the complicated tree.

Definition of Leaf Abscission
Leaf abscission occurs at the end of annual plant senescence which causes the tree to achieve winter dormancy. Abscission causes a sealing off of the leaf from the tree, a change in leaf color and leaf shed.

Trees and the Process of Photosynthesis
A major photosynthetic sugar factory is the tree. Photosynthesis and trees are synonymous and a leaf is the engine. Photosynthesis provides us with both food and oxygen and is the ultimate necessary process insuring our survival on this planet.

A Tree's Tissue
Tree tissues are made up mostly of three basic groups: dermal tissue (bark), ground tissue (roots) and vascular tissue (under bark). To understand a tree, you must understand its tissue.

Anatomy of a Tree Leaf
Botanical parts of a leaf. Use these leaf parts and markers to make a positive tree identification.

How Much of a Tree is Alive?
Only 1% of a tree is actually alive, composed of living cells. The only living portion of a tree is a thin film of cells just under the bark called the cambium, root tips, buds and leaves.

How A Tree Absorbs and Uses Water
Trees use massive amounts of water through the process of transpiration for the benifit of themselves and the Earth.

A Tree Leaf's Shape, Margin and Venation
Leaf structure and arrangement is unique to every tree species. Understanding a tree leaf's shape, arrangement, margin and venation is important to tree taxonomists.

A Hardwood Tree and How It Grows
A tree is the sum of its unique biological parts. I provide a diagram of a hardwood tree and offer some biology explaining how its parts work to make a tree possible.

How Much Oxygen Do Trees Make
Trees make oxygen in amounts that contribute to its availability to humans. There are questions as to how much oxygen is available to humans that is tree produced

Parts of a Tree - The Leaf
Leaves are food factories of the tree. Powered by sunlight, the green substance in leaves called chlorophyll uses carbon dioxide and water to produce carbohydrates.

Parts of a Tree - The Fruit
Besides its branches, roots, and leaves, a mature tree grows another important structure - the flower (or cone, in the case of evergreens).

Parts of a Tree - The Twig
Believe it or not, twigs can be used to identify a tree. Good thing because they are about all you have during the dormant months of winter.

Parts of a Tree - The Bark
Bark is a tree's natural armor and protects from external threats. Bark also has several physical functions, one is ridding the tree of wastes by absorbing and locking them into its dead cells and resins.

Why Do Trees Get So Old? - It's Because Of Tree Compartmentalization
Tree live to become very old because they have a defense to the disease process called compartmentalization.

cambium is a necessary term to know when studying tree growth.

Tree Species
Tree species get their scientific name from the Linnaean classification of plant categories. Learn more about how a tree is named.

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