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Review: The Last Season

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Review Photo: The Last Season

Review Photo: The Last Season

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The Bottom Line

Eric Blehm writes a captivating detective story on the life, and presumably the death, of National Park Summer Ranger Randy Morgenson. The Last Season is an intriguing adventure narrative, complex psychological portrait, and compelling mystery that reminds you of a rapid-paced best selling thriller.
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  • One of the best biographies on a relatively unknown I have ever read, period!.
  • Well documented with interviews, photos and Randy Morgenson's writings.
  • You will be motivated to read this book more than once.
  • This wilderness biography is at least as good as Jon Krakhauer's Into the Wild


  • Dozens of characters introduced can become somewhat confusing (but stick with it).


  • An enthralling insider report on the life of one complicated but dedicated back-country NPS ranger.
  • Loaded with photos of Randy Morgenson's beloved Sierra's and search-and-rescue unit attempts to find the lost ranger.
  • Winner of National Outdoor Book Award and finalist for the Banff Mountain Book Festival in mountain literature category.

Guide Review - Review: The Last Season

On the morning of June 21, 1996, Randy Morgenson left his ranger station in Kings Canyon National Park presumably to go on patrol. Randy pinned this short note to his tent flap: "Ranger on patrol for 3-4 days. There is no radio inside the tent - I carry it with me. Please don't disturb my camp. This is all I have for the summer. I don't get resupplied. Thanks!"

These simple remarks, written on what seemed to be just another wilderness work week for Morgenson, turns out to be the last thing ever written or seen from this very alive park ranger. National Park Service summer employee Randy Morgensen was never heard from again.

This fascinating story about what happened to Morgenson has been perfectly pieced together by author Eric Blehm in his The Last Season. Mr. Blehm writes the perfect wilderness story and brilliantly weaves a true account on a very complex and possibly demon-plagued man's life. Blehm's book connects the dots to shed light on a life that flew high in his association with Nature Photographer Ansel Adams but struggled with a broken marital relationship.

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