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Take a Tree Walk

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Take a Tree Walk

Take a Tree Walk

Jane Kirkland

The Bottom Line

A well written childrens book with instructions and tips to help you identify trees, great photos, illustrations and cartoons. The tree book is full of "how-to's" and tree measurement "rules-of-thumb". There is also a great list of tree terms with pronunciations; and much more...
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  • Kids immediately start learning about forestry and silvics.
  • There is more than ample use of helpful and explanatory graphics.
  • Great attention grabbing quizzes and stories are interwoven with facts about all U.S. state trees.


  • A brief section glamorizing tree-sitting as a means of preserving trees.


  • Excellent learning material made just for an outdoor adventure with children.
  • Feeds and cultivares the naturally-curious side of both kids and adults.
  • Perfect interactive material for a teacher introducing the natural sciences.

Guide Review - Take a Tree Walk

Jane Kirkland, developer of the "Take A Walk" juvenile literature series, has compiled a small but creative, 32-page workbook for kids who want to learn about trees. It is abundantly illustrated and presents a broad range of tree facts and figures.

The really special thing about "Take A Tree Walk" is its interactive nature. The book literally starts at the front door teaching things basic to identifying and appreciating trees. "Tree Walk" uses imagination to direct a child's thinking building fertile ground for budding botanists and foresters.

I am particularly impressed with what is taught to include quick ways to determine age and height and key markers used in tree identification. "Tree Walk" includes several forester-tested tricks of the trade.

Sadly, this book was not available when my kids were younger. (Paperback; Stillwater Publishing; ISBN: 0970975414)

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