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The Catalpa Tree and Its Caterpillers


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Fishing with Catalpa Worms
Bucket of Catalpa Worms

Bucket of Catalpa Worms

Steve Nix Photo - Licensed to About.com
The catalpa caterpillar is tough in texture. The worm oozes a bright fluorescent green fluid that smells sweet when put on a hook. The tough skin makes for staying hooked and a fresh worm will attract fish with its smell and its wiggle. It is revered as the best fish bait to be found naturally.

Catalpa worms can be preserved alive by placing them in cornmeal packed in an air tight container and frozen. It has been said that when this container is opened and the worms are removed from the meal, they thaw and become active and as effective in catching fish as ever.

Another method of preserving the caterpillar for future use is "pickling" them in a baby food jar filled with corn syrup. The jar should be immediately stored in a refrigerator and has an indefinite shelf life.

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