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Trees Can Cost You Money

There are Times a Tree Can Cost You Time and Money


There are times when a price has to be paid, both in time and funds spent, for owing a tree. A tree can have a major effect on your pocket book if not planted with some planning and managed correctly. Here are five ways a tree can pick your pocket...

Trees Have Planting and Management Costs

No matter whether you think you are planting a tree for all the good reasons, the number one reason people plant trees in their yard is that trees have become "necessary to maintain a public image of the appropriate setting for single family houses." (Schmid) There are social pressures to plant a tree in one's yard.

Planting a tree costs time and money. Keeping a tree in good condition until it can take care of itself can be a challenge but costs of not doing so are equally, if not more, expensive.

Fully Grown Trees Can Be More Costly and Dangerous

Clogged drains, falling limbs and property damage are just a few things a tree can do to complicate your life. A tree can also cause bodily harm by attracting lightning and may break apart on fair days as well as stormy days.

Utility companies spend a fortune on tree problems near their service systems which eventually lead to increased costs for consumers. Large cities remove enough wood annually from public property to run a small sawmill.

Tree Messes Can be Hard to Clean

There are some trees put on don't-plant-lists simply because they generate undesirable products. I will call these "messy" trees. Leaves, flowers and fruit of some trees are a nuisance and can be expense to clean up. Some tree messes are nearly impossible to deal with, especially when smell is involved.

Just to name a few examples: Ginkgo female - bad fruit smell, Sweetgum - gumballs, Mimosa - leaf and flower trash, Bradford pear - limb breaks and flower smell. Mulberry - fruit mess.

Trees Limit Electronic Signals to Many Devices

Both aerial antennae and satellite transmitted communication signals can be weakened by a tree. Your satellite television, cell phone, GPS receiver and wireless systems can have problems with trees placed in the wrong place. Evergreen trees limit the functionality of many electronic devices more than trees that are broadleaved or deciduous.

Some Trees Cause Allergies

Plants that produce wind-blown pollen, many of them trees, make life miserable for millions of human allergy sufferers each year. Millions of dollars are spent and work days lost on people who have tree allergies.

A large number of tree species produce extremely small pollen particles from their male sexual parts. These trees use the wind as their favorite means of pollen transport to others of their own species for pollination. This natural function can be crippling to some people with specific tree allergies and asthma. If these allergy sufferers live in areas with lots of the wrong trees, there can be major health issues and loss in quality of life during the peak pollen season.

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