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Find Sources for Tree Seedlings and Saplings


Find Sources for Tree Seedlings and Saplings

You Can Find Great Nurseries Online!:

So, you have either decided to plant some trees or create a new forest plantation. Let me help you find a nursery or seedling source that can provide you with trees. I will suggest companies that can supply you with equipment necessary to the task of tree planting. There are excellent sources that can be contacted via the Internet. Some of these sources actually offer discounted tree, some of the trees are actually free.

Where Can I Find a Tree or Forest Nursery?:

I have a short list of reliable companies where you can buy a seedling or sapling online. Check out my seedling supplier source page.

An excellent forest nursery directory providing most tree species and covering the entire United States is maintained by the USFS National Nursery and Seed Directory. Also, you can find tree nurseries at most state forestry departments.

Where Can I Find Tree Planting Equipment?:

You also may need some special planting tools. There are on-line specialty forestry supply companies that provide equipment for natural resource managers. These forestry supply companies have a variety of planting equipment as well as other forestry equipment.

So The Seedlings Are in the Ground...:

Things are pretty much out of your hands after the trees are planted. You have to leave things to Mother Nature. My experience has been that even when considering a freeze, insects, or fire, moisture is the most critical element in seedling survival for the first year or two.

Trees and Drought is a short feature explaining the effect of the lack of moisture on trees, especially seedlings and saplings. Actually, most well-established trees will tolerate drought quite well, although much depends on the species and whether they are growing on an appropriate site.

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