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Purchasing and Maintaining a Chainsaw - Frequently Asked Questions

Putting Your First Chainsaw to Work


Dolmar PS3300TH
Small chainsaws are commonly purchased by rural property owners, tree and timber owners, firewood users and farmers. Often, a new chainsaw owner can become frustrated at the learning curve associated with chainsaw ownership.

Here are answers to many questions asked by people planning to buy and operate a chainsaw. This Fequently Asked Questions page is for the new chainsaw owner and addresses the most common concerns about purchasing and maintaining a chainsaw.

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Q: How do I select a new chainsaw?
A: You should buy only the chainsaw you feel comfortable with. Chainsaw manufacturers are using newer...read more.

Q: Where should I purchase a new chainsaw?
A: Most foresters and loggers agree and suggest purchasing chainsaws like Stihl, Jonsered or Huskqvarna with strong local dealers...read more.

Q: How do I learn to operate a chainsaw?
A: There are many great resources on the Internet that can help you operate your saw. The best way is...read more.

Q: How and why should I safely operate chainsaw?
A: According to saw expert Carl Smith, "If you place your hands on a chainsaw, you must keep in mind that it is like grabbing...read more.

Q: What is chainsaw kickback and how can I prevent it?
A: One in every 12 timbering accidents is caused by chainsaw kickback. If a professional tree feller is at risk, it can definitely happen to a less experienced chainsaw user...read more.

Q: Do I really need to use chainsaw protection equipment?
A: Wearing the proper clothing is one of the best safeguards for you to reduce the possibility of serious injury. Wear sturdy, snug-fitting clothing that gives you complete freedom of movement. Do not wear...read more.

Q: What are the most important parts of a chainsaw?
A: OSHA requires you to have the following parts on a chainsaw:...read more.

Q: Do I need to mix oil with gas for my chainsaw?
A: All 2-cycle engines require gas to be mixed with oil. The "oil" tank is for bar and chain lubricant...read more.

Q: Can I use regular motor oil as my chainsaw bar oil?
A: You really do need to use a quality bar oil. Here is why! Bar and chain oil has a "high-tack" additive that prevents it from slinging off the chain as it travels ...read more.

Q: How long a chainsaw bar should I get?
A: Do not buy a chainsaw bar that's too short for your average trunk or limb diameter...read more.

Q: What's the difference between a chainsaw chipper and chisel chain?
A: A chipper is a round tooth, round filed chain. It maintains it's edge better in dirty cutting. Chisel is a square tooth, either ground round...read more.

Q: How long should a chainsaw last?
A: Any reputable brand of chainsaw you purchase with a local dealership servicing that brand can last a long time...read more.

Q: How often do you file a chain?
A: When the chips it cuts are no longer chips but dust, or when you have to physically push or force it to cut, you need to sharpen...read more.

Q: What is a chainsaw depth gauge?
A: Depth gauges are the metal point in front of each tooth on a chainsaw chain. They determine how large a chip the tooth ...read more.

Q: What is the problem with my chainsaw?
A: If you are having difficulty cutting or the saw is cutting poorly, there are several problems you should consider...read more.

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