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Review: Tasco Woodsman Hard Hat System

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Tasco Woodsman Hard Hat System

Tasco Woodsman Hard Hat System

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The Bottom Line

Tasco is one of the best made, most economical woodsman hard hat systems made and sold by many forestry supply companies. It should always be considered as one of the costs of owning a chainsaw.


  • Great chainsaw hard hat system for the money
  • Has ear, face and eye protection in one economical package
  • Six-point ratchet system for easy fit


  • Some folks would rather wear separate eye, ear and head protection.


  • Total head protection in one economical package.
  • Fit is not a problem with Tasco's ratchet system.
  • Replacement parts are readily available at 1-800-241-6401.

Guide Review - Review: Tasco Woodsman Hard Hat System

Chainsaws can quickly remove massive amounts of body tissue as they cut, can throw shrapnel-sized particles into eyes, may be loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss and create dangerous overhead hazards if you’re felling trees. Using a specialized hard hat system when using a chainsaw can minimize physical injury.

Tasco's chainsaw head gear provides a great ecomonic solution for improved safety when using any saw. It should be recommended a necessary item with every chainsaw sale. This one piece of head gear satisfies three of the six OSHA Regulation 1910.266 requirements for safety items - head protection, eye and face protection and hearing protection.

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