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How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw


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Making a Back Cut, the Third and Final Cut
The Back Cut

The Back Cut

The backcut is the third and final cut and is made on the opposite side of the notch. The backcut disconnects almost all of the tree from the stump leaving a hinge that helps to control the tree's fall. Here is the procedure for making a backcut:

Starting Point - Begin on the opposite side of the notch at the same level as the notched corner.
Angle of Attack - Cut flat along a horizontal plane.
Ending Point - Stop at the point that will leave a hinge width that is 1/10 the tree's diameter.

"I always start this cut from the side of the tree and work my way around to the back. This will help get a level cut that will meet the cut on the other side of the tree when you get there. At this point you need to be careful not to cut too fast. You can take too much off the side you can't see and lose the tree to any direction it wants to go."

"It is best for the inexperienced to cut for one or two seconds and stop to look and see what is going on. Keep your backcut parallel to the face cut and stop cutting about two inches from the face."

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