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Buy a Christmas Tree Online

Five Popular Christmas Tree Farms Selling Online


Here are my picks for Christmas tree dealers selling fresh trees online. A Christmas tree bought online can cost more but will save you valuable holiday time, is usually a fresher tree and can help you avoid crowded lots. It is especially handy to gift order for someone who can't get out. Some companies will ship as early as mid-November and some take orders through December 15th. I've selected popular home-grown businesses, several of which I have personally traded with and have reviewed.

1. Green Valley Christmas Trees

Green Valley Christmas Tree Farm is a California based business that supplies trees nationwide. This online seller offers a fresh assortment of the most popular Christmas firs, Nobel and Fraser, shipped free straight to your door from Oregon and North Carolina. These Fraser Fir and Noble Fir Christmas trees are of the highest quality and are farm grown in their native soils. Very competitive prices when considering no shipping costs. *Trees are shipped FedEx, all major credit cards accepted. (Product Not Reviewed)

2. Christmas Trees Now

Christmas Trees Now cuts trees off their Windblown Tree Plantation, Honey Creek, Wisconsin and is owned and operated by Ericka and Wayne Raisleger. You can purchase Fraser fir, Douglas fir, balsam fir, scotch pine and Colorado blue spruce trees. "Wisconsin's unique soil and weather conditions are especially well suited for the growing of the finest Christmas and ornamental Trees in America." Requires additional shipping charges. *Trees shipped FEDEX and UPS, several major credit cards accepted. (Product Not Reviewed)

3. Touch of the Mountain Christmas Trees and Greens

Touch of the Mountain Christmas Trees
Touch of the Mountain Christmas Trees
Touch of the Mountain Christmas Trees & Greens is a family owned business and located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. TMCT&G's specialty is Fraser fir Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery. "Our trees are harvested within hours of shipment, a patented tree stand is attached and shipped in a waxed-coated box from our farm to your front door. Our entire product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee", says operator Daryl Smith. Review: UPS was two days past drop date (not TMCT&G's fault) with the review tree and a few needles were dropping. Still, the tree is healthy, beautifully shaped with care tips included. The stand is a major purchase advantage. Requires additional shipping charges. *Trees shipped UPS, all major credit cards accepted. (6' Tree Reviewed)

4. Omni Farm

From the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina, Hal and Martha Gimlin have been running this Christmas tree farm since trees were first planted in 1972. Omni Farm claims to be the "oldest, most experienced Christmas tree mail order company in the World". Omni specializes in Fraser fir and white pine trees. "Year after year our customers write to say that our Christmas trees and Christmas greenery are the finest..." Requires additional shipping charges.*Trees shipped FEDEX or UPS, all major credit cards accepted. (Product Not Reviewed)

5. A Tree To Your Door.com

The tree grower Brown's Tree Farm has been in the business of selling fresh, real Christmas trees for over 35 years and located in Lake City, MI. "We are proud to now offer online purchasing through A Tree To Your Door.Com. Your Christmas tree is harvested and shipped in less than 24 hours!" Requires additional shipping charges. *Trees shipped FedEx, all major credit cards accepted. (Product Not Reviewed)

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