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The Science of Tree Rings

Tree rings are created by the annual growth of new wood over older growth and stays with the tree through life (the count gives its age). Tree rings are unique and in addition to determining age is is used as a historical record using dendrochronology techniques.

Using the Annual Tree Ring to Determine Tree Age
Foresters use tree ring counts on large tracks of forests to determine the age of a stand of trees, how fast they are growing and to caluculate site index. If the tree's health is in doubt, a forester or arborist can use tree rings to tell if their is internal damage. The cores, if done correctly, can even be used for chemical studies in...

What is an Increment Borer?
Increment Borer, an instrument used to age trees and logs.

Tree Rings and Culture
Tree rings and tree ring dating, called dendrochronology, is a fascinating science that uses the growth rings of long-lived trees as a record of climatic change in a region.

Guide to Dendrochronology for Educators
These Web pages were created to be used by both teachers and students interested in learning more about dendrochronology, the study of tree rings..

Laboratory of Tree Ring Research
This Laboratory conducts a unique program of teaching and research in all aspects of dendrochronology.

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