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10 Best Fall Color Forest Views in the US and Canada


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Ottawa and Hiawatha National Forests in Upper Michigan
Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula

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Ottawa and Hiawatha National Forests in Upper Michigan

Overview: A 409-mile-long strip of land called the Upper Peninsula is surrounded by lakes Michigan, Superior and Huron. It is majestic leaf country in Fall. The Ottawa National Forest is located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and offers some of the most spectacular fall colors available in the nation. Golden aspens and tamarack mix with northern hardwoods to insure unlimited opportunities for enjoying Fall color.

A favorite drive along the Black River near Bessemer MI, sometimes called the "jewel of the forest", is now a National Scenic Byway. Part of that byway is Ottawa Forest Service Road 2200. You also want to visit nearby Porcupine Mountain Wilderness.

The Hiawatha National Forest is located in Michigan’s central and eastern Upper Peninsula. The leaf season starts a little later here and a Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore visit is recommended during the autumn color change.

Viewing Dates: Early viewing begins in mid-September in the Ottawa NF. The Hiawatha NF fall viewing season is usually a little later and peaks the first and second weeks in October.

Trees of Show: Maple, beech, birch and aspen, birch

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