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America's Most Beautiful Fall Trees In Autumn Color Season


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Sycamore and Oak in Fall Color
Oak and Sycamore Oak in Fall Color

Oak and Sycamore in Fall Color

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American sycamore (image on right) is not noted in most leaf guides as having a dramatic fall color. Its large and distinct leaf rapidly turns from yellow to brown and is not an immediate attention getter. But couple the leaf color with the dramatic tan and cream trunk and you have a beautiful tree. Some suggest it looks like the camouflage of fall.

Many oak species are also relatively bland in fall color. They tend to immediately turn brown and exhibit less than dramatic fall foliage color. There are grand exceptions to the rule. Some of the most beautiful trees in the forest are scarlet oaks, some red oaks and white oaks. These trees depend on weather conditions, soil minerals and Nature to display in a good year.

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