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Questions and Answers About Firewood

How to Feed Your Wood Stove


Stoking fire Stoking fire.
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Heating your home, cabin or camp using firewood is a personal choice. There are as many reasons not to burn as there are to burn fuel wood so carefully decide if it is worth it. Burning wood comes down to understanding firewood procurement and firewood handling while sizing up your ability to do both. Here are some questions asked and some answers provided about collecting and using firewood.

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Q: What wood species gives off the most heat?
A: You will get the best results and more heat per wood volume when burning the highest density (heaviest) wood you can find. Dense firewood will produce the highest recoverable BTUs but...read more.

Q: Should I heat my home with wood?
A:Heating your home, cabin or camp with firewood is a personal choice. There are as many reasons to burn or not to burn firewood as there are people - burning wood comes down to an issue of lifestyle. You need to remember...read more.

Q: What wood splits easiest?
A:In many cases you will have to split firewood logs to usable burning sizes. That obviously depends on the size of your wood burning unit. Remember, you pay a premium for split firewood but...read more.

Q: What wood burning systems are available to me?
A:You have several choices when determining what wood burning system you want to use in your home. There are fireplaces and fireplace inserts, wood stoves and wood furnaces...read more.

Q: How do you season firewood for best burning?
A: In a nutshell, seasoning removes moisture. Removing moisture gives recoverable heat as opposed to letting moisture escape with heat in the form of steam. Removing moisture means...read more.

Q: How do I get a fair firewood price?
A:You can get ripped off buying firewood. Sellers can and will confuse the firewood sale by using general terms for purchase loads...read more.

Q: Where can I find firewood?
A: You need to understand that most forested properties east of the Mississippi river are private. Your best chance to find a cord of firewood is on private property if you live in the East. You obviously need to obtain...read more.

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