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A Tree's Importance and Environmental Benefit


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The Urban Tree Book
The Urban Tree Book

The Urban Tree Book

Three Rivers Press
Arthur Plotnik has written a book called The Urban Tree Book. This book promotes trees in a new and interesting way. With the help of The Morton Arboretum, Mr. Plotnik takes you through an American urban forest, investigates 200 species of trees to give tree details unknown even to foresters.
Plotnik combines key botanical tree information with fascinating stories from history, folklore, and today's news to make a thoroughly readable report. This book is a must read for any teacher, student or admirer of trees.
A portion of his book makes a great case-in-point for planting and maintaining trees in and around the city. He explains why trees are so important to an urban community. He suggests eight reasons a tree is more than just beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
The Urban Tree Book Review
The Morton Arboretum

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