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Current United States Wildfire Maps and Condition Reports

North America's Wildfire Situation at a Glance - Maps, Reports and Forecasts


Here is a collection of the most important and current information of the latest wildfire incidents and condition reports for the entire United States. Included are mapped locations of the largest wildfires, current situation reports of these wildfires and forecast reports of future wildfire potential.

Current Large Fire Incident Location Map

NIFC Large Fire Incident Location Map
This is the National Interagency Coordination Center's (NICC) large fire incident location map. The site gives you current information on the largest fires going on at any given time in the United States.

Daily Wildfire News and Current Reports

Current wildfire news and daily reports from the National Fire Information Center updated Monday through Friday.

WFAS Current Fire Danger Rating Map

WFAS Current Fire Danger Rating Map

This is the United States Forest Service's Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) observed fire danger rating or classification map. WFAS compiles maps on fire danger, rain totals, greenness, drought and moisture levels.

WFAS Fire Weather Maps

These fire weather observation maps are based on the mid-afternoon (2 pm LST) observations from the fire weather network as reported to the Weather Information Management System, WIMS (USDA 1995), by 5 pm Mountain Time.

NOAA Fire Weather Forecast Maps

NICC Wildland Fire Potential Assessment Map
National Interagency Coordination Center
This is a collection of the National Weather Service's fire weather forecast maps. The site gives you a projection of national fire weather for the next day that includes precipitation, temperatures, wind speeds, burning index and fuel moisture.

U.S. Drought Monitor Map

U.S. Drought Monitor Map
This is the National Drought Mitigation Center's drought monitor map. The site provides you with the Drought Monitor, a collection of multiple indices, outlooks and news accounts, that represents a consensus of federal and academic scientists.

North American Drought Monitor

The North America Drought Monitor (NA-DM) is a cooperative effort between drought experts in Canada, Mexico and the United States to monitor drought across the continent on an ongoing basis.

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