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Wildfire Fighting Training

USFS Introduction To Wildland Fire Fighting


Wildfire fighter training is introduced here as part of the United States Forest Service's basic Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation course and called Firefighter Training: S-130. This wildfire fighting course is used to train new wildland firefighters and to provide non-wildland fire fighters the basic structure and techniques used in fighting wildfire in the United States. It is manditory to have taken Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior: S-190 for S-130 credit.

1. Wildfire Suppression Orientation Video

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Basic Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation video is a companion to Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation course, S-130. This video provides essential information for individuals interested in wildland fire management. This wildland fire fighting video provides information on wildland firefghter preparedness and responsibility including firefighting techniques, mobilization, proper clothing and using firefighting equipment,

2. The Wildland Firefighting Fireline Handbook

National Wildfire Coordinating Group

The Wildland Firefighting Fireline Handbook is officially called Fireline Handbook PMS 410-1, NFES 0065. The manual is used as a major reference book for the introductory wildfire fighting course called S-130, Firefighter Training. Here is a complete copy of that firefighter training handbook that forms the basis of the wildfire support orientation video. It is required reading for all professional wildland firefighters and support personel.

3. The Wildfire Incident Response Pocket Guide

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This pocket guide, Incident Response Pocket Guide, NFES 1077, is provided as a wildland fire job aid and training reference for basic firefighters, supervisor and initial attack/extended attack ICs. Although some fireline decisions may be relatively simple, many are not. Decision making often requires individual judgment and creativity — skills developed through extensive training, practice, and experience. This wildand firefighter guide provides a collection of best practices that have evolved over time within the wildland fire service.

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