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Forest History

Find out more about forestry and how the forest influence effects history in North America.

The Greatest Good - 100 Years of Forestry in America
The Greatest Good is a compelling video with a companion book that documents a photographic history of forestry in the United States. The series celebrates the first centennial year of the Society of American Foresters. The title, "the greatest good", is a quote from first national forester Gifford Pinchot describing his management philosophy...

Important Forestry Events
Seven Milestones that Changed American Forestry Forever

Tree Planting in the United States
Tree Planting History in the United States - History of Wildland Forest Regneration - U. S. Tree Planting Timeline

Arborglyphs and Tree Carvings

The First North American Forestry School
Dr. Carl Alwen Schenck started the first North American Forestry School called Cradle of Forestry. Here is a photo tour of the Biltmore School campus.

Statue of Liberty Tour of Trees
The Statue of Liberty Island would not be as beautiful if without her nearly 400 planted trees and 5 major tree species. Here is a picture tour of trees of Liberty Island's 12 acres.

Where are Apollo 14 Moon Trees?
Where are Apollo 14 Moon Trees? Stuart Roosa, pilot of the command module, Kitty Hawk, flew these trees' seed around the Moon.

About's Quick Lesson on Forest History
This report takes you from John Evlyn to Teddy Roosevelt...

About An Old Lookout Cookbook Discovered
This report is about an old USFS cookbook for lookouts and fire chasers. The feature shows some really interesting recipes as well as relays a little forestry history...

A 60 Year-old Forest Ranger's Cookbook
Great camp and cabin recipes discovered by a USFS archaeologist.

About the History of Game Management
The history and evolution of game management and wildlife conservation is forever tied to forestry and foresters...

About Aldo Leopold - The Land Ethic
Aldo Leopold coined the phrase and first made us aware of "the land ethic".

About Video: Forestry and Forest Industries
A free downloadable (and streamable) black and white movie of forestry and how the forest products industry operated just after World War II. It is a classic period piece promoting forest management and the value of foresters and forestry.

About an Historical Forestry Photo Collection
An amazing collection of American forest photographs collected and cataloged by Department of Botany faculty, staff, and students at the University of Chicago from the 1890s to the 1930s.

Snake Tales as Told by Foresters
All foresters have a snake story or two to tell. Here are some of the best snake tales told by foresters and outdoorsmen.

Aldo Leopold Foundation
A great introduction to forester Aldo Leopold and his visions...

Birthplace of American Forestry
The Carl Alwen Schenck collection and more from the Forestry History Society, North Carolina State University and The Biltmore Company...

Forest History Society
FHS is the international leader in forest and conservation history.  You can also find books, journals, and use their library and archives..

Library of Congress Evolution of the Conservation Movement
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement documents the historical formation and cultural foundations to conserve and protect America's natural heritage and grand forest.

USFS History from the Forest History Society
A collaborative effort between the USFS and FHS, this site contains information about the history of the United States Forest Service.

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