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Axel Erlandson's Tree Sculpture

American Tree Scuptor Axel Erlandson and His Extreme Trees


Axel Erlandson's passion for sculpting trees, also known as arborsculpture or tree sculpture, started out as a hobby for the amusement of himself and his family but turned into his life's work as his tree creations brought more and more attention from the public. Using a special set of skills, Erlandson started to sculpt things out of living, growing trees.

Erlandson found his trees to be a popular amusement and decided to create his "Tree Circus". Erlandson chose a small parcel of land in Scotts Valley, California along the main road between the Santa Clara Valley and the Pacific ocean beaches where he moved and transplanted all his best living sculptures.

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    Erlandson's Basket TreeBasket TreeErlandson's Basket Tree at About 7 Years OldYoung Basket TreeErlandson's Cube TreeCube TreeErlandson's ChairErlandson's Chair
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