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Flowering Dogwood Blooms

A Photo Gallery of Flowering Dogwood Blooms in Spring


Some call flowering dogwood the "queen" of North American forests. Graceful branching, unique blossoms, red berries and red fall foliage makes it unforgettable. The showy "flowers" are, in fact, not flowers but bracts that subtend and surround a group or boss of 20 to 30 real flowers. These true flowers are less than one quarter inch in size. The actual flowers of Cornus florida are not white.

Unfortunately, the tree is being attacked by a disease called Dogwood anthracnose and is in some stress at higher elevations. Dogwood has a natural range throughout the eastern United States - from southern Maine down to north Florida and west to the Mississippi River.

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    A Wild Flowering Dogwood in Spring A Wild Flowering Dogwood in Spring Wild Dogwood Flower BloomWild Dogwood Flower BloomMultiple Dogwood BloomsMultiple Dogwood Blooms Wild Dogwood FormWild Dogwood Form
    Wild Flowering Dogwood BloomWild Flowering Dogwood BloomDomestic DogwoodDomestic White Flowering DogwoodDomestic Flowering Dogwood FormFlowering Dogwood FormDomestic Pink Flowering DogwoodPink Flowering Dogwood
    Pink Dogwood FormPink Dogwood Form
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