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Male Ginkgo


You need to plant only the male cultivars. There are excellent varieties available.
Male Ginkgo

Male Ginkgo

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There are several cultivars: Autumn Gold- male, fruitless, bright gold fall color and rapid growth rate; Fairmont - male, fruitless, upright, oval to pyramidal form; Fastigiata - male, fruitless, upright growth; Laciniata - leaf margins deeply divided; Lakeview - male, fruitless, compact broad conical form; Mayfield - male, upright fastigiate (columnar) growth; Pendula - pendent branches; Princeton Sentry - male, fruitless, fastigiate, narrow conical crown for restricted overhead spaces, popular, 65 feet tall, available in some nurseries; Santa Cruz - umbrella-shaped, Variegata - variegated leaves.

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